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Help create a  financially inclusive  world

Crypto for global payments
and beyond

We build on and support the development of one of the world’s fastest, most sustainable and reliable public blockchains, the XRP Ledger. So while others are incrementally improving the digital economy through apps and technical workarounds, our team is fundamentally re-engineering the way value is created and moved through crypto technology.

We’ve only begun to discover what it’s capable of doing. Join us in building this new financial future.

Why Work at Dean & Brooks?

Personal Growth

Seek Excellence

We are curious, not imperious. Excellence isn’t perfection – it’s a commitment to constant improvement. We are mission-driven, hire the best people, and aim for the greatest possible outcomes in all we do.

Be Selective to Be Effective

We are in a fast-moving space that is ripe with opportunity. We know where we can add short- and long-term value and commit ourselves based on maximum impact.

Be Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled

Galaxy offers an expansive range of services via our business units. Each business works independently and executes efficiently for the best possible impact and outcomes.

Disagree Transparently

At Galaxy, people are encouraged to voice their ideas and opinions. We must always consider different perspectives, but we may not always agree. We disagree honestly and respectfully, with a responsibility to explain our views. This allows us to communicate efficiently and challenge each other to achieve excellence every day.

Encourage Independent Decision Making

Innovation requires action. Our leadership sets clear context so that team members have the information needed to be nimble and make independent decisions – it’s part of seeking excellence.

Build Dream Teams

We provide our people with the resources they need to build and develop Dream Teams. They are diverse and inclusive, with the best people performing at the highest level.

Career Development

Key Benefit

  • Competitive Salaries

  • Galaxy is focused on being a global employer of choice and we offer some of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry. We aim to pay above market to attract the team we need, and we continually review our pay practices to ensure we maintain this competitive edge.

  • Equity Exposure for All Employees

  • Through broad and meaningful equity participation, we desire to have our employees work collaboratively and act as long-term shareholders.

  • 401(k) Contributions

  • Galaxy offers a 401(k) retirement savings plan with a 3% employer contribution and access to both Traditional and Roth options (US-only).

  • Flexible Time Off and Parental Leave

  • You decide how many paid vacation and personal days off you want. Paid Parental Leave is available to give new parents the opportunity to care for and bond with their new child.

  • Full Paid Health Benefits

  • Company-paid health insurance for employees, partners, and other dependents, effective as of your start date.

  • Perks at Work

  • Galaxy provides various crypto education opportunities, a free Peloton membership with insurance, after-hours car service reimbursements, and more.

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Confidential, 24/7 access to mental healthcare with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. Benefits include 8 free video sessions per person, per year, for employees and any of their dependents age 18+.


Rebuilding the infrastructure of a global financial system takes bold people to lead the way. Our passion to learn, innovate and collaborate is contagious. We foster a diverse and inclusive environment that inspires us to do our best work every day.


Our goal is to make the global financial system accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere. That is why we are partnering with nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to expand financial inclusion and economic fairness and opportunity through innovation and education.


We are building products that will touch people’s lives in every corner of the world through millions of transactions across thousands of financial networks. Through our impactful and revolutionary technology, we are solving substantial, real problems for people everywhere.

A worldwide opportunity

With 15 around the world, we are a globally diverse team and growing quickly — see open fintech and blockchain careers with us in your region.

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