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Innovative Investment Solutions for Your Clients


Empower your clients' portfolios with cutting-edge alternative investment strategies through GXB Capital, with seamless integration and no additional setup required.


Unlock Potential with GXB Capital


Empower your clients with superior portfolios

and fuel your business growth.

Quick Registration -  Sign up in less than a minute without the need for ID verification or document submission.

Explore Investments - Browse various investment opportunities, compare offerings, and access key investor documentation.

Smooth Access - Acquire GXB Capital products as easily as stocks using ISIN numbers, without physical paperwork.

Hassle-Free Management - Monitor performance and handle client investments all from your current platform.

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Simplified Alternative Investing

Visualize incorporating superior alternative investment strategies alongside your clients' traditional stocks and bonds. They can easily access, track, and adjust their investments using their existing bank or broker platform, without the hassle of creating new accounts.
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Diversified Returns

Offer your clients an array of unique tokenized investment opportunities, helping them diversify and enhance their portfolios with innovative solutions.

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Enhanced Liquidity

Benefit from tokenized, open-ended funds with daily pricing and increased liquidity options for your clients.

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Advanced Analytics Tools

Leverage our comprehensive investment analytics to effortlessly track and evaluate your clients' portfolios, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic adjustments.

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Education and Resources

Stay ahead of the curve with access to GXB's educational content, webinars, and training sessions, ensuring you're always informed on the latest trends and developments in the tokenized investment landscape.

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Seamless Client Experience

Streamline your clients' onboarding process with GXB's user-friendly digital platform, ensuring a smooth and compliant investing experience.

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Expertly Curated

Offer your clients a selection of top-quality alternative investments in cutting-edge sectors, handpicked by our industry specialists.


Facing Challenges Finding Innovative Alternative Investment Funds?  GXB Capital has the Solution

Explore how GXB Capital's alternative investment funds address these challenges:

Traditional 60/40 portfolios are no longer effective: GXB Capital offers a diverse range of alternative assets that can enhance your clients' portfolios, providing better risk-adjusted returns.

Inflation undermines portfolio value: GXB's innovative investment opportunities are tailored to hedge against inflation, helping preserve and grow your clients' wealth.

Finding quality alternatives is tough: Our platform simplifies the process by providing access to a broad array of carefully curated alternative investments, ensuring optimal selection.

High entry barriers limit access to alternatives: GXB Capital democratizes investing by lowering entry barriers, allowing more investors to benefit from alternative assets and strategies.

Traditional alternatives lack tax efficiency: GXB's tokenized funds utilize innovative structures to optimize tax efficiency, maximizing returns for your clients.

Illiquidity hinders alternative investments: Our platform leverages tokenization to enhance the liquidity of alternative assets, offering clients increased flexibility and easier access to their investments. 

Discover GXB Capital's alternative investment funds and empower your clients' portfolios with resilient, diversified, and innovative investment solutions.
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Efficiency and Transparency

The simplest way for advisors to offer alternative investments.

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Digital Onboarding

Simplify the client onboarding process with a seamless and efficient digital experience, reducing manual paperwork and saving time for both advisors and clients.

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Robust Security Measures

Leverage state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption technology to safeguard clients' sensitive data and assets, building trust and confidence.

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Client Portfolio Performance

Gain insights into your clients' portfolio performance through GXB Capital's intuitive reporting tools, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize their investment strategies.

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Cost-Free for Advisors

GXB Capital's platform is available to advisors at no cost, without setup fees or additional technology investments.

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Client Retention

Cater to self-directed, advised, and managed clients while maintaining complete client anonymity and control.

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Paperless Process

Invest in GXB Capital products directly through our ISIN and your clients' brokers, as seamlessly as buying stocks and other funds.


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